Thursday, November 19, 2009


Get ready to see what took almost 20 years to accomplish...building the largest MC Hammer Collection in the World! You will be seeing actual images of everything that I own, such as, costumes, awards, opened and UNOPENED fan mail (maybe you wrote one!!), signed sports memorabilia from famous athletes, original publicity photos, correspondence and documents, Oakland A's items while Hammer was with the organization and he was known as the Pipeline...
I will be updating almost daily so come back often!

It is a long long story and has been an even longer journey getting to this point where I am at right now...There was the book that I had not quite yet finished that would eventually become part of a hard lesson learned in the Way of the Great Warrior, CHIEF COMPUTER CRASH. When it came to rewriting the book, I lost my heart that day but I never lost my love of being part of something so huge. And now, I would like to share with you, all the incredible MC Hammer memorabilia that I live, breathe and love everyday.

Welcome to MCHammerDaily

This site is not in any way associated with MC Hammer or other persons or affiliates. The intention of this site is to present to you with what I believe to be the largest MC Hammer collection in the world and in doing so, hopefully the right person will come along and purchase the entire collection.
All material(excluding videos) are the legal property of this blog's author.

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