Monday, August 16, 2010



I am SELLING...FINALLY!! After 15 years, I am finally letting go of some of MC Hammers VALUABLE and PRIZED POSSESSIONS!!

I am getting together a few of MC Hammers costumes and awards and have decided definitely to use the MASTER of Rock and Roll and Hollywood Memorabila auctions....Darren Julien's Auctions! He is the BEST!! He has the exclusive on Michael Jackson's memorabilia..most of that is being bought up by a casino in Macau China..PONTE 16..for a themed cafe. They paid over $400,000.00 for one of his gloves last year...SAY!!!...THAT would be a good idea with this Hammer treasure trove!! Maybe casino magnate STEVE WYNN would like some costumes for one of his casinos...he has a casino over there, too!! Hey Steve!!! I have an original painting of MC Hammer for your gallery in Las Vegas..just don't punch a hole through it!! Mr. Wynn, you are still the most gorgeous casino owner in the world!!..Come to think of it, the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas has one of Hammer's outfits on display...maybe they need another one, or two???

Check out Juliens Auction will be able to watch the auction live this fall...

I will keep you updated...until next time...this is all....2 LEGIT!!

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