Friday, October 9, 2009


I think I will become a sports hard can it be? The biggest sports news now is not who was just signed with the 49rs, but rather who sat in on the negotiation deal! If I need stats, I can just google and copy them...and if I want to make snide comments and dis someone that I don't even know, I guess I can just talk out of my ass like everyone else because that is all that I am hearing from sports writers all over the country..about how MC Hammer was involved and why in the Hell he was even in the same room with Parker and Crabtree..!! Whether Hammer had anything to do with this or not, I just wanted to give a little heads up if anyone actually cares.. For the record, in 1985, Stanley Kirk Burrell(Hammer) was already quite the negotiator..His company was Asset Financial was a marketing and promotions outfit that represented famous sports figures and they would fit their clients with major media sponsors, organizations, etc..One of his clients was Ricky 'Showtime' Henderson...and the potential fit? Showtime..the Movie Channel. You can view the actual letters between AFG and Showtime..There were other athletes involved but my point is, no one seems to bother in getting to know who they are writing about..they just listen to this person or that person talking crap about someone and think that its gospel...over the years I have never seen anyone ragged on as much as Hammer..and it is the same ignorant comments all the time like a broken record and the reporters actually think they are funny when they write it in their columns..I guess telling the truth that MC Hammer is really an intelligent man who has had to overcome unfortunate circumstances because he trusted and helped so many people doesn't sell...telling lies and and making jokes at someone else's expense does.. Isn't that right Inquiring Minds?

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